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Homework For Grade 2-84
Now, in Grade 2, a number generally consists of three units: hundreds, tens, and ones.

Now, in Grade 2, a number generally consists of three units: hundreds, tens, and ones.

This worksheet definitely helps to make writing spelling words enjoyable and FUN! Alex completes his Maths work from school and then for the following days, as with Literacy, I make up some worksheets or games for him if there is something he needs to work on.

In fact, if you look at his work below, you’ll see that he wrote the words out TWICE to show who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This week, I noticed he was making careless mistakes by not paying attention to the signs, so I made these for him: (Please click on the picture if you’d like a copy.) He used dot paints for the worksheet because work is more fun with them 🙂 5.

But what am I to do with a child like Alex who will do anything to postpone doing his homework? If, however, he’s not in the mood to be reasoned with, we simply take a break. He tells me he likes the work I made for him and that I’m very creative; that makes my mummy heart happy 🙂 3. When he remembers to bring home his spelling list book, I copy the words from his book onto the board on his desk.

Sometimes that means he goes and plays the piano as that helps him to re-focus, or I get him and the other kids together and we play a card game, or he has a snack… I love the person who invented this desk; I mean, how genius is that magnetic white board on the back!?!

READING: We usually retreat to a quite place in the house and I listen to him read.

I love it when he gets into a book he’s reading and reads expressively.Small things like these help to make the writing part of homework a much more enjoyable experience.After he’s done, we do some fun word work activities together. After many tests and what seemed like forever, our pediatrician told us that he doesn’t have ADHD/ADD, as we feared, and that he is a perfectly healthy little boy with a LOT of energy.Alex does not agree with my philosophy, but he admits that putting things away in “the spot they should go” ensures that will be there when you need them again 🙂 His homework books and other things from school are stored in the pull-out drawer under the writing area of his desk. In fact, he loves to run and jump at the same time. And you’ll also understand how hard it can be to get him to sit still and do his work. If you have a boy like Alex at home or in your class, you will totally understand that patience really is a virtue!!I have a set of flash cards (available here if you’d like a set) which I get him to identify, then he writes a few of the ones he doesn’t seem quite certain about in a salt or sand tray.So, on Monday, he finished his homework in less than 5 minutes. I don’t like the idea of a child being forced to do homework.His corrected worksheets, salt writing tray and other resources go under his desk as shown in the photo below.While he can recognise them when reading, he has trouble writing them.


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