Haruki Murakami On Seeing The 100 Perfect Girl Essay

From a characterization stand point the main character is portrayed as a regular person and really only encounters a regular girl but in his eyes, she is really more like a girl from another world.There is one other person in the story but only provides a little bit of dialogue and is not developed at all.He, therefore, shall not be bound to the loyalty of any blood relatives but shall choose a new path in life. But this initiative alienates the protagonist from this private circle and forces him to leave his family.

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In the end however, the characters still lose each other.

On the one hand, such person possesses the qualities one admires or sees as desirable in himself / herself or people in general, e.g. On the other hand, perfection in a romantic partner is linked to the notion of feeling at ease in this person’s company.

Sarty sits at the top of the hill thinking about all that had happened (Faulkner 46). Conflict, complication, and change in William Faulkner’s work, Barn Burning (868 Words) The short story d as Barn Burning by the renowned writer William Faulkner makes use of the narrator to unveil the reason behind the problems faced by the protagonist and its end result.

He is sad, most probably because his father is dead. The protagonist tries to save his family from the troubles created by his father.

The first person point of view inserts the reader into the situation, making the story very personal.

The third person narrative gives a different, larger perspective on the story and gives us more of an insight into the concept of chance.

In my view, perfection is not an absolute state, it is changeable as the life itself.

People cannot stop in their emotional and intellectual growth, new events in their lives change their views and sometimes make people redefine themselves.

The story is set in Tokyo in 1981 on what is described as a beautiful April morning.

It sounds like a regular day, what made it beautiful for the main character was that he saw the girl that was 100% perfect girl for him.


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