Hamlet Spying Essay

When prompted to speak by Horatio, the ghost will not.Horatio asks Hamlet to wait for the ghost and see if it will speak to him.

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Claudius further employs Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two childhood friends of Hamlet, to spy on him further. A troupe of players happens to be in town and Hamlet utilizes the actors to determine the validity of his father’s murder.

He will have them perform the very act of murder, killing a king through poison in the ear, which the ghost has claimed.

In dying, Laertes confesses Claudius’ plot to kill Hamlet.

Hamlet stabs Claudius and Hamlet dies asking Horatio to tell his story.

He asks Horatio to watch Claudius’ reaction throughout the play.

While the court is watching, Claudius is enraged and leaves the play convincing Hamlet that he is the murderer.The Norwegian forces arrive at Elsinore, and Prince Fortinbras seizes control of Denmark.is one of the most famous pieces of English literature of all time, and Shakespeare's legendary work reflects many themes and issues present in society at the time. This purchased sample essay on Hamlet is provided by Ultius, the global leader in connecting consumers with qualified freelance writers.Universally acclaimed and thoroughly admired by scholars of English literature, William Shakespeare's (1564-1616) production of Hamlet (±1601) debuted at a time of political transition in the English kingdom.Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), with no immediate successor, was faced with the very real proposition of turning the monarchy over to James I (1566-1625), son of Mary Queen of Scots, a ruler with none too certain political differences.The ghost appears to Hamlet to refocus him on the task of killing Claudius.Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, whose father’s lands were seized by the late King, decides to head to Denmark.The ghost of his father beckons Hamlet to follow him and reveals that his brother Claudius poisoned him in the ear. Meanwhile, Laertes, son to the King’s advisor Polonius is set to return to France.Before he leaves, he tells Ophelia, his sister, to be weary of Hamlet’s affections towards her.While at sea, however, Hamlet discovers his planned murder and switches the orders, causing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to be executed. Meanwhile back at Elsinore, Ophelia has gone mad with grief.Laertes returns from France and learns it was Hamlet who has killed his father, Polonius.


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