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And while this can be the result of someone moving you unawares to an unfamiliar location, it is most often the consequence of your own actions.As darkness only “exists” wherever light is absent, and “lost” only exists when nothing familiar is present, so too does evil exist wherever God is absent.God is never fully absent, but has allowed His creations the free will to choose to be either with Him or away from Him.

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This poem was created in the oral poetic tradition.

This poem is considered as an epic because it is a long narrative poem which composed in an elevated style, dealing with the glories of hero (Tolkien 24).

The setting of this epic is the six century in Denmark and southern Sweden.

The protagonist, Beowulf is a noble warrior represents the goodness battles against the evil monsters- Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the fiery dragon in order to save his country.

This paper examines the author’s use of plot, characterization and setting to demonstrate both his inventiveness and the ways in which he is pouring the new wine of this dystopic world into the old bottles of Good versus Evil.

Evil” in Beowulf Beowulf is longest and greatest early Anglo-Saxon poem which was composed in England sometime in the eighth century AD by a literate scop.

And there is the story of the battle of good versus evil and which of these forces may win in the end.

Anthony Burgess’s 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange is an especially creative version of this latter archetype.

The author discusses the plot, setting, language, themes, and pays close attention to the psychological aspects of the book-morality pitted against absurd practices in a society that needs change.

The paper examines Modernist literature, and categorizes Burgess’ novel as a social satire, much like Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal.


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