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Make sure that every response is cohesive and reflects effective use of language.

Make sure that every response is cohesive and reflects effective use of language.

Different colleges value different sections more than others.

If you wish to study in one of these elite colleges, don't try to get average SAT - turn to this table to decide which percentile you require.

It is important to view the test in a broader sense to find which sections are worthy of your attention.

Average percentiles are the simplest way to respond to the question, "What is the average SAT score?

Wish to learn what is a good SAT score to enter a college of your dream?

We will share some findings: Those are results for the most prestigious colleges in 2016-2017 located on the US territory.Students obtain subscores for each section: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math Section. An average math points would be 541; another section which is Reading & Writing has an average score of 543 points.Latest test results shared in the College Board reports identified more students manage to achieve towards the middle of the SAT scale. It's difficult to get 1410 which is the 95th percentile - the top five percent of students involved in the test. To take the test successfully, dedicate some time to reading these recommendations shared by the best high school/college students.The following colleges will help to understand how to get a perfect score as their students used to achieve the best results: The applicants of these colleges tend to show the best results on SAT scoring scale - read examples of their writing part (essays) and math answers to succeed!You already know the answer to a question, what is the average sat score.If you understand how to write a typical school essay and which sections have to be included you won't have any problems with obtaining a high SAT score.Introduction section should not simply give the overall idea. Besides, college admission board evaluates the entire essay based on the opening paragraph. As it was mentioned, thesis statement has to be added at the end of each introduction; it will increase student's chances to get higher SAT points.It is said in the initial SAT section that: "The response includes a precise central claim." In other words, you need to come up with a clear thesis statement at the beginning of your paper. It should be precise and explain your entire essay in one sentence; your topic has to be clearly defined.The main passage idea is included in the SAT test instructions, so it makes the task a bit easier.The main challenge is that each applicant is limited in time.A total of 50 minutes (less than an hour) is proposed to students who take the test.


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