Globalization And Religion Essay

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At any rate, these levels are interwoven and connected among one another in a dialectical relation, to such a degree that it is sometimes difficult to affirm, despite appearances and notwithstanding the declarations of the actors involved, that such or such question has to do with one level rather than with another.At the economic level, every country has seen a modernization of the means of production, at different speeds, but pursued everywhere with unequal success.

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Thus, the tractor, the automobile and the machine in general are supplanting the animal and human physical effort; services are occupying an ever growing place of importance in economies; and the same, or almost the same, industrial products are invading the markets of every country.

At the social level, nomadism loses ground each day, and the countryside is increasingly depopulated, in favor of a breakneck urbanization.

Globalization can mean rapid social change and dislocation, and fundamentalist groups are conservative and either want to resist change or take things back to a simpler, ‘golden era’.

Such groups might be appealing to those who feel like they are losing out with the changes globalization brings.

For example, it draws on many traditions from around the world, such as Buddhism, and it also allows people the freedom to pick and mix different aspects of religions to suit them.

Secondly, some religious organisations have become more fundamentalist, as they perceive globalization as a threat.

Let us add that Islam recognizes no intermediaries between God and man.

The relation to divinity famously passes through the Koran as revealed to the Prophet, and accessorily, for the Shiites, through the Imam and his qualified representatives.

This is a brief, bullet pointed answer to give students some ideas of how they might answer this question.

Firstly, some religious organisations have made a conscious effort to be more accepting of diversity, as a response to the increasing intermixing of cultures.


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