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Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password. How does the fire escape function as a symbol to reveal something about each character's personality? Each of your claims should have two pieces of evidence(direct quotations from the text).

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You know that Inever allow that word to be used” (47).

She tries to deny the reality of her daughter’shandicap and desperately wants to make her normal. Perhaps I am walking along a street at night, in some strange city, before I have found companions.

He tries to speak but can’t, perhaps because there are no words that can describe thehorror of this situation.

His sister is as fragile as this glass and there is nothing he can doto change this or protect her.

A decent copy of the text can be found online at: essay: The play Glass Menagerie stands as one of the most powerful plays of 20thcentury American theater.

It has been performed by some of that century’s greatestactors, translated into multiple languages and continues to be performed in high schoolsand at elite professional theaters around the world.He even invokes a second symbol when he talks aboutcandles: “Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than Iintended to be!I reach for a cigarette, I cross the street, I run into the movies or a bar, Ibuy a drink, I speak to the nearest stranger - anything that can blow your candlesout! Here he compares his sister’s fragile life to another delicate object, a candleflame.Williams wastes no time in developing the symbolic connection between Lauraand her glass menagerie.We first hear about Laura’s glass collection in Scene 3 when Tom accidentally brushes against it with his overcoat as he is angrily leaving theapartment after arguing with his mother: “It strikes against the shelf of Laura's glasscollection, there is a tinkle of shattering glass. Williams makes it very clear from this very first reference that we are to see the Laura’sglass collection as representing her.She “cries out as if wounded” to show thisconnection. He “dropsawkwardly on his knees to collect the fallen glass, glancing at LAURA as if he wouldspeak but couldn't” (25).Later, Tom stops in the middle of his tirade to try and comfort his sister. This image of Tom falling on his knees as if to pray forforgiveness emphasizes the connection between his sister and the fragile glass collection.Glass Menagerie Literary Analysis Essay Due Date ________ Tennessee Williams, author of The Glass Menagerie frequently uses symbols inhis writing.A symbol is a word or object which stands for another word or object.It is acommonly used literary device that many authors integrate into their fiction.Although The Glass Menagerie features a number of striking symbols, we could argue that themost prominent symbol also serves as the title of the play.


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