Gender And Sexuality Essay Thesis

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Choose an area of contemporary cultural, legal, political and/or ethical concern or debate: Write a paper identifying specific concerns related to one of these topics, analyzing the cultural, historical, and political-economic elements that make this a social issue (its "problematization," to use Foucault's term; see Prieur pp. To do so, draw on recent news stories, popular magazine articles, op-ed pieces, legal decisions as well as case studies presented in our readings.

You will want to describe briefly the key arguments or positions on the issue, but the majority of your paper will be devoted to your interpretation and analysis of it.

This means you will want to address the following sorts of questions: WHY this has become an issue of social concern now, at this historical moment, and why are the particular terms of debate as they are?

What is at stake here symbolically, materially, and institutionally in these debates or negotiations about gender and sexuality; that is, what are the real and/or perceived repercussions for individuals and for a society?

In GSWS, critically examining the world around us with regards to power, privilege, and marginalized groups and identities is at the forefront of all topics.

Gender and sexuality are typically the primary points of entry into course material, but the significance of intersecting identities is also a prominent academic purpose.Authors addressing 'experience' include Abu-Lughod, Counihan, Stein, Heyes, di Leonardo, Landsman, Layne, Petchesky, etc.Proposals can be emailed to me or submitted in hard copy. And do come talk with me, before or after class, or by appointment. This is a fixed due date (late papers will be docked).This section features descriptions for the three major papers of the course.The aim of this paper is to develop a thesis and to argue for it with reference to theoretical and case study materials from our readings.MIT Open Course Ware is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum. Freely browse and use OCW materials at your own pace. We don't offer credit or certification for using OCW. Gender and topics related to it have always created a debate that never ends.Conclude your essay with a brief discussion of what your analysis leads you to advocate - this could be a specific legal or political action, a line of scholarly inquiry, an education policy, etc.For this paper, I encourage you to write a paper concerning the subjective, personal experience of having a gendered sense of self, identity, embodiment. You could write about sexual violence, birth control (as private matter and/or subject of state interest), sex ed, pregnancy and ultrasound, the abortion debate and ethics of abortion in the US as compared with Greece, ideologies and realities of "the family" - any of the topics we've recently addressed.This doesn't have to be your personal experience, per se, but I'd like you to explore how and why people respond in their everyday lives to the kinds of cultural scripts we've been tracing. Or you could propose a topic we haven't touched on directly: an anthropological analysis of contemporary dating, for instance.In the past, students have interviewed their own mothers or peers about their experiences (e.g., teenage motherhood, parenting a child with disabilities, sex ed, etc.).


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