Gcse French Speaking Coursework

Gcse French Speaking Coursework-18
Removing mixed tiers makes the qualifications less technically complex (we do not need to convert marks to UMS, for example).And when we looked at what schools were doing, very few students did actually mix tiers.

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All the new tiered GCSEs have the same higher overlapping grades.

In maths in 2017 we saw that schools responded to this by entering more of their students than before for foundation tier.

The world of work Work experience, part-time jobs, future careers, technology (sending messages, accessing information).

The wider world Travel and holidays, media, social issues (e.g.

So each skill area contributes equally to the overall grade.

The new qualifications are still tiered, but there are some differences in the grades available on each tier and the way schools can enter students. Each tier is targeted at a range of the new numerical grades: 9 to 4 on the higher tier (with a ‘safety net’ grade 3 for students who are just below the grade 4 boundary) and 5 to 1 on the foundation tier.

In line with many reformed GCSEs, these new qualifications have much less non-exam assessment.

Previously there was 60%, which covered speaking and writing.

This French GCSE is a one-year course for students who wish to develop a deeper understanding of French society, language and culture.

It also aims to develop overall competence, communication skills and grammatical knowledge in French, and to act as preparation for anyone wanting to continue their studies at A-Level.


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