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She asserts that same-sex marriage, which can be seen as a marriage between equal parties, should be celebrated for the way it challenges the patriarchal organization of traditional marriage in which women have effectively been the property of men.

The fifth essay explores how women are, on a symbolic and literal level, “obliterated” (70) by many cultural practices.

She examines practices such as only recording men on family trees or women taking their husbands’ names when they get marriage, asserting that this removes women from history, silencing their voices and lived experiences.

She connects this to wider patterns of silencing and repression experienced by women throughout the world.

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The sixth essay is a celebration of Virginia Woolf and an examination of approaches to criticism and analysis that do not seek to make the unknown known but rather subtly explore the intangible and obscure.

Solnit suggests that, far from being something that we should attempt to pin down and definitively understand, the unknown or the “darkness” (86) should simply be explored without striving for fixed interpretation.


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