Fractal Image Compression Phd Thesis

Fractal Image Compression Phd Thesis-14
Finally, the comparison between filtered ranges method and self-organizing method is introduced.

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It is defined as a compression technique which helps to decrease the size of an image file without hampering its quality.

By image compression, a user is able to the desired size of an image file by reducing its size in bytes without putting at stake its quality.

Mathematical formulation form is also provided on the digital image space, which deals with the computer.

Next, this process has been revised to reduce the time required for image compression by excluding some parts of the image that have a specific milestone. (1991) Neural Networks, Learning Automata and Iterated Function Systems.

In this technique, only one of the repeating item is sent from the run while a counter checks how many times this item is repeated.

Chroma subsampling Chroma subsampling is an image compression technique that reduces the color information of a signal to favor the luminance data.

Various methods have been developed to solve the problems related to Digital Imaging in Image Processing.

Compressions methods are classified into Lossy or Lossless compression.

It ultimately generates more space to store more images in a fixed amount of memory space.

Different methods are available to compress the images according to the requirements.


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