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Art is, by its very definition, created by a human cognitive process.It doesn't really matter whether or not a certain amount of effort was involved in its creation, as long as it is made through human thought processes and by human hands and actions.While I’d like to teach you today about conscious creation, registration is the inherent nature of photography.

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Because of this, I’m always looking through the viewfinder as if I’m on the hunt for those mystical fantasy scenes.

It was a frustrating period with years of futile attempts to break down the filter.

For example, I can’t help the affection I feel for 19th century German landscape painters.

And I’m deeply inspired by both the cinematography of the Lord of the Rings and the collectible card game Magic the Gathering.

Thus, at least according to some scholars, attention is the by-product of this organ in the central brain.

The potential of seeing art in any given landscape is raised by accepting this filter, rather than trying to disable it. “All I see are heaps of deadwood and stripes of trees”.

In fact, judging by the image’s merits, it might well be one of the moodiest macro photos I’ve imagined.

I just found it interesting that anyone can be amazed about what appears on the screen after exposure.

Shortly after wrapping up a lecture on the creation of photographic art in the Dutch local landscape, I got into an interesting conversation about the nature of photography.

One of the photographers in the crowd was positively lyrical about how his camera captured a certain subject.


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