Fifa World Cup Essay

The World Cup is a black hole, an eternal and incomprehensible force that draws everything toward it, that bends time itself and from which nothing can escape.If I succeed in infecting you, then perhaps you too will be found once every four years, jumping for joy, weeping in ecstasy or crushed by defeat. It is hard to overstate just how much football means to people around the world.

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The entire planet will be gripped in a sudden and near-religious fervor.

Even Pope Francis will get in on it, lending a legitimacy to my quasi-spiritual ardor, and providing perhaps even more divine aid for Argentina, as if Lionel Messi were not enough.

The French existentialist Albert Camus once wrote, “Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe to football.” This is the quote I fall back upon when I want to appear intellectual in my justification for how madly infatuated I am with football (please note: I shall refer to the sport played with one’s feet as football for the duration of this article—because it makes sense).

I often feel the need to explain myself to those who wonder why the one goal produced in an otherwise uneventful 90 minutes can have me celebrating, laughing, in tears on the top of a table, arms raised, yelling: “If you already understand why the world goes insane for the World Cup, then no words of mine are necessary.

And for all their greater military strength, in the end the English could only watch as Maradona scored again (with what was widely considered the best World Cup goal of the century).

Argentina went on to win the game and eventually the World Cup, striking a symbolic blow against Margaret Thatcher.You know that no words could explain it all anyway, its magnitude, its all-encompassing importance.But if you don’t understand, this essay is for you.It was donated and hand-me down cleats versus brand new ones.Nevertheless, the migrant kids overwhelmed their more affluent peers. There is a clue in that anecdote for why the United States, for all its status as a superpower, remains a weak presence in global football. youth soccer system is pay-to-play, with the best college teams recruiting from expensive club teams.Whether it exorcises or feeds those demons is up for intense academic debate.But what is clear is that only in our globalized world is such a ritual possible.Is it madness that two goals in 1986 should resonate politically for decades? What else can one expect from the only sport that is truly shared across the whole world?How could a competition pitting the avatars of nations against one another not be seen as a font of symbolism and greater meaning?Real Madrid and FC Barcelona’s famous rivalry gives voice to longstanding regional and separatist tensions in Spain.The “Old Firm Derby” between Celtic and Rangers, both based in Glasgow, is a proxy battle for the Northern Irish Troubles, pitting the Irish, Republican and Catholic FC Celtic against the British, Unionist and Protestant FC Rangers.


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