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However, certain items used during the time are still in use for formal dressing among the clothing items of men and women.

The enhanced hip was with the air of the crinolines that created a bell jar shape to the bottom part of the woman’s body.

In the modern times, though crinolines are not widely used for everyday purpose, but the basic insistence on a thin waist still exists.

The item that is still being used in the modern times in various forms – stockings, long socks, leggings etc.

stockings became an essential part of woman’s attire in the early nineteenth century for it not only provided women an ease from the winter cold but also helped to keep a “woman’s modesty” intact.

Many of the vintage trends in clothing have been revived and are followed even until the present day.

This essay is an exploration goes the styles of the nineteenth century and how they are still influencing modern sense of fashion.

The second is a modern version of a fine wool coat Men’s fashion has not undergone a lot of change since the late nineteenth century.

There has been a change in the style of men’s fashion.

This modified crinoline was called the crinolettes.

The cultural significance of the crinoline is in showing off the beauty of the women.


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