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The role of the management and the strategy imposed by the organization as a whole should always be open minded for the occurrences of changes in order to adjust and cope with the tremendous development that are happening in the internal and external environment of the organization.With the constantly changing environment, many people especially those in the working organization find themselves normally adapting. “I changed my mind and decided I’d rather see Japan.” I left five days later by myself for Tokyo.

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While organizations strive to survive the challenges of the niche market they operate, different environmental factors came into surface and have changed the way organizations perform their tasks.

The management system and strategy of each and every organization is accountable for the maintenance of the organization's strength and survival in the stiff competition in the business world.

After all, I can see an unmade bed and towels on the floor back home. My old style of travel was a process of self-discovery. My ingenuity and core values were signposts guiding me in any given situation. When being friendly got me invited to dinner with the Cambridge Rugby Team or to spend a week at a family’s farm in Provence, then I had concrete evidence of my impact on the world and a measure of myself.

You nod your head with recognition: sure, now she earns more and can afford all this. I had an affair in Martinique with my windsurfing instructor, stayed up all night with street musicians in London, and I went from my youth hostel straight to dinner at the ultra elegant Hotel Crillon in Paris.

It’s just more fun now to experience such moments, knowing I can talk them over with a loved one that evening while enjoying a delicious meal, and dream about it in a warm bed—one I’ve reserved.

Fashion Changing Essay

Organizations today operate in an environment characterized by hypercompetition (D' Aveni, 1995).

Keiser (1997) detailed the time span and different forms that management fads take.

For example, by 1996 TQM and re-engineering had gone from being the hottest management trend to a fad, whose day has come and gone (Jacques, 1996).

With these changes in business processes, the evolution of different management strategies among business practitioners becomes the new trend.

The emergence of the so-called management fashion is now influencing most of businesses today.


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