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He argues that three “cultural logics” underlie attitudes toward faithfulness and non-monogamy: doubt (the belief that one’s partner may also be cheating); duty (obligations to male peers, family, or partners); and destiny (“life is short” justifications for cheating vs. He stresses, though, that none of these logics produces clear-cut courses of action.His analysis shows that inner-city culture is far-more heterogeneous than traditionally thought.

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In recent years, a new generation of scholars of culture and povertyhas conceived of culture in substantially different ways.

It typically rejects the idea that whether people are poor can be explained by their values and questions the utility of the old distinction between “culture” and “structure.” It generally does not define culture as comprehensively as Lewis did, instead distinguishing values from perceptions, and attitudes from behavior.

Both the extent of their prior work experience and their postsecondary educational experience contributed to these variations in how they characterized a good job.

He concludes that greater attention to such variation, rather than attempts to broadly characterize a group’s culture, can help us better understand the work orientation of low-income people.

It sets aside the ideas that most members of a group or nation share “a culture” or that a group’s culture is more or less coherent or internally consistent.

Its conceptions of culture tend to be more narrowly defined, easier to measure, and more plausibly falsifiable. The volume can be accessed in its entirety from the Russell Sage Foundation by clicking here. Harding, Michèle Lamont, and Mario Luis Small, eds.Poverty is more common among singlemother households.The prevailing view that unwed pregnancy in the inner city stems from men’s unwillingness to commit to long-term monogamous relationships is challenged by Nathan Fosse in his study of low-income African-American men.These concepts are employed in the volume’s essays to illustrate the value of understanding the cultural perspectives of both individuals living in poverty and the policy elites who make poverty policy.Persistent black joblessness has long been a core cause of poverty.Education is a proven pathway out of poverty, but why do some children achieve this goal while others do not?Stephen Vaisey investigates the role of “ideals” and “expectations” in educational success.The heated political environment dissuaded many young scholars of the time from studying the connections between culture and poverty.Scholars began to reconsider culture and poverty after the publication of Wilson’s The Truly Disadvantaged (1987).


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