Exercises For Critical Thinking

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Now how do you develop your critical thinking skills? Believe in yourself Self belief is the first prerequisite for engaging in critical thinking.How do you solve a problem when you don’t believe in yourself? To analyze a situation and come up with a possible solution, you must believe in your skills and abilities.

Great critical thinkers and problem solvers are those who think on their feet; even in the face of pressure.6.

Learn to think an open mind No man can claim monopoly of knowledge and every once in a while; solutions to problems come from external sources.

Adopt every improvement, have the best machinery and know the most about it.

If there is one critical thinking technique that I have personally tested and proven, it’s thinking in solitude.

Critical thinking is a skill that only few possess. Do you want to develop the skill to think with strategic intent and direction?

Do you want to develop your critical thinking skills?Be a voracious reader This tip is self explanatory.If you want to develop your critical thinking skills, you must be a voracious reader.Without critical thinking, there will be no creativity or innovation.Without strategic thinking; there will be no growth.Closing your mind to external opinions may make you miss out on such solutions.Keeping an open mind is vital to the critical thinking process.Always seek external advice on situations or facts you don’t understand.But never form a judgment based on the advice given.Remember that your aim is to better understand the situation with the advice gotten; so don’t forget to analyze, filter and process the information before acting on it.11.Follow your instinct The last step to developing your critical thinking skills revolves back to step one: “” After dutifully carrying out step one to ten and coming up with a solution, you might be faced with one more problem; which is acting on your solution. You have to trust your instinct and do what your guts tell you.


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