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An advanced-level literature review shows how prior research is linked to a new project, summarizing and synthesizing what is known while identifying gaps in the knowledge base, facilitating theory development, closing areas where enough research already exists, and uncovering areas where more research is needed. xiii) A graduate-level literature review is a compilation of the most significant previously published research on your topic.

Unlike an annotated bibliography or a research paper you may have written as an undergraduate, your literature review will outline, evaluate and synthesize relevant research and relate those sources to your own thesis or research question.

The goal of the conceptual literature review is to categorize and describe concepts relevant to your study or topic and outline a relationship between them.

You will include relevant theory and empirical research.

A good literature review lays the foundation for the importance of your stated problem and research question.

Literature reviews: The purpose of a literature review is to demonstrate that your research question is meaningful.Pick up nearly any book on research methods and you will find a description of a literature review.At a basic level, the term implies a survey of factual or nonfiction books, articles, and other documents published on a particular subject.There are many different types of literature reviews, however there are some shared characteristics or features.Remember a comprehensive literature review is, at its most fundamental level, an original work based on an extensive critical examination and synthesis of the relevant literature on a topic.You will need to search the cognate literature before claiming there is “little previous research” on your topic.Well developed literature reviews involve numerous steps and activities.Guided by an understanding of basic issues rather than a research methodology.You are looking for key factors, concepts or variables and the presumed relationship between them.Additionally, you may review the literature of different disciplines to find deeper meaning and understanding of your topic.It is especially important to consider other disciplines when you do not find much on your topic in one discipline.


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