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Outcome: The client was highly impressed with our efforts and customer focused approach which he stated “is at the heart of our business”.He also said “By taking the time to understand our customers, you have gained our trust in your systems.” Needless to say, we won the project and I was recognised by our company for my efforts.You know how to ask for things that you need and where to go to look for them.

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Hiring managers ask behavioural questions about problem solving to get a better idea of how you work and deal with issues.

Ultimately, they will want to know if: -You are someone who can be relied up within the team -You have initiative to act when required rather than someone who will sit and wait until they are asked -You make logical decisions using common sense and the impact that decision will have on others.

Problem solving is the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.

Depending on the kind of job you have, the obstacles will be different and so the process of finding a solution will be different to that of another job.

I created a questionnaire which detailed the likes, dislikes and suggested improvements by their customers.

This was a lengthy process and we were almost sure that the other IT companies would not have gone to such lengths, but I believed it would prove our determination to supply them with the best product that we could offer.

Problem solving is a popular interview question because it is a skill which is used in most jobs.

It is commonly used in jobs such as customer service representatives, developers, engineers, project managers, lawyers and judges, secretaries, receptionists, hospitalists etc.

For example,: if you are applying for a customer service role, you should use examples where you have resolved customer service issues.

As a sales person, you could use demonstrate your ability to handle push backs from clients, a project manager could demonstrate their ability to meet deadlines, an IT developer could show how they have optimised systems in the past.


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