Ethics Of Cheating Essay

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If you believe that this is one of those pages, please let us know.The statistics don’t get any better once students reach college. 1), researchers found that nearly 82 percent of a sample of college alumni admitted to engaging in some form of cheating as undergraduates.In surveys of 14,000 undergraduates conducted over the past four years by Donald Mc Cabe, Ph D, a business professor at Rutgers University and co-founder of Clemson University’s International Center for Academic Integrity, about two-thirds of students admit to cheating on tests, homework and assignments. Some research even suggests that academic cheating may be associated with dishonesty later in life. A 2009 survey, also by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, reports a further correlation: People who cheat on exams in high school are three times more likely to lie to a customer or inflate an insurance claim compared with those who never cheated.On an individual level, the main focus of discussion in recent years has been on academic integrity, and the need to maintain a culture of honesty in all aspects of teaching and research.Research ethics will be the subject of another article; here we shall deal with attempts to combat the rising level of student dishonesty, about which there has been concern on both sides of the Atlantic.In the 1990s, Davis (1993) quoted surveys indicating that between 40 and 70 per cent of all students have reported cheating at some point in their career, while Pavela (1997) quoted Mc Cabe’s survey of over 4,000 students of whom between 47 per cent and 60 per cent admitted dishonesty: there is no sign that things are getting any better.This is not, of course, to say that academics are always guilt free in this area and we shall also point out ways in which they can encourage integrity by setting a good example.These students also reported a greater degree of cheating acceptance after participating in the study than they had prior to the experiment. “This knowledge causes students — particularly those who would not have otherwise — to cheat because they feel like they need to stay competitive and because it creates a social norm of cheating.” Peer effects, however, cut both ways, and getting students involved in creating a culture of academic honesty can be a great way to curb cheating.They also found that, while those who read the honor code were less likely to cheat, the honor code did not eliminate all of the cheating, “Our findings confirm that the situation can, in fact, impact behavior and that people’s beliefs flex to align with their behavior,” Shu says. “The key is to create this community feeling of disgust at the cheating behavior,” says Rettinger.In a 2007 survey of 154 college students, Southern Illinois University researchers found that students who plagiarized in college reported that they viewed themselves as more likely to break rules in the workplace, cheat on spouses and engage in illegal activities (, Vol. High school cheaters are also twice as likely to lie to or deceive their boss and one-and-a-half times more likely to lie to a significant other or cheat on their taxes.Academic cheating, therefore, is not just an academic problem, and curbing this behavior is something that academic institutions are beginning to tackle head-on, says Stephen F.


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