Ethics And Engineering Essay

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There are many things that the examiner looks for in theoretical assignments.

This is a theoretical subject without much convoluted concepts, because of this the students take this subject lightly and leave it for the last moment.

They often forget the fact that assignments in theoretical subjects are lengthy and time consuming.

Sometimes companies do not put safety first and there have been dire effects because of this, like unsafe cars or faulty baby swings.

With almost every engineering proposition there is going to good and bad effects accompanying the different paths that can be taken. Johnson's article "the Social and Professional Responsibility of Engineers", Samuel Florman gives the example "Should we risk oil spills and increase our reserves by offshore drilling? This problem is along the same lines as the cell tower problem, should benefits have to be sacrificed in order to ensure the health of humanity?

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As an engineer and as a human being, human safety should always come first.

Ethics in engineering is an important subject; it teaches the students about their responsibility towards the society.

Every engineering student has to study this subject as part of the academic curriculum.

The principles of engineering are the guiding codes that every engineer must follow in order to function in an ethical manner.

The engineers have a great role to play in the betterment of the society.


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