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This 5 page paper considers how mythology was used by Shakespeare in three of his plays in order to create atmosphere.

This 5 page paper considers how mythology was used by Shakespeare in three of his plays in order to create atmosphere.

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This paper outlines the central themes and quotes heavily from the play. In five pages this paper examines how this theme is depicted in the relationships between Orsino and Olivia, Orsino and Cesario/Viola, and Olivia and Cesario/Viola in Twelfth Night. This 5 page paper examines scenes from Othello, The Moor Of Venice, Twelfth Night and Troilus And Cressida in terms of characters and the relationship between characters as well as themes. A 5 page paper looking at this pivotal character in Shakespeare’s dark and complex comedy.

The paper asserts that Feste is the wisest person in the play, for only he has the objectivity to see all the characters in their most foolish guises, and the ability to tell them about it.

I do not now fool myself, to let imagination jade me; for every reason excites to this, that my lady loves me.

‘ By contrast, true love is a strong affection that one has for another which is constant, while selfless love is when one truly loves another but does not show it and has the courage to sacrifice for their love.

Self-love is one’s self indulgence disguised as love in order to fulfill or satisfy one’s egotism.

In Twelfth Night, self-love is represented by the characters of Olivia, Orsino and Malvolio.

Shakespeare presents love throughout the play to provide the audience with his perspective on love as it exists in human society including self-love, selfless love and true love.

Shakespeare illustrates the different aspects of love throughout the play by the language used including soliloquies, metaphors, motifs and symbols.

Olivia embodies self-love which is clearly depicted in the scene where she mourns for her dead brother and she locks herself in her own world, refusing to speak to any guests until Viola comes along to deliver Orsino’s message of love.

After delivering her message, Olivia approaches Viola by sending her a diamond ring (Act I Scene V).


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