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In Ottawa and Québec City the brothel districts were in the "lower towns." In Saint John, Halifax, and Kingston they were near the docks. The brothels in Saint John and Halifax provided gambling in addition to sex and alcohol, and were some of the most financially successful houses in the first half of the 19th century.

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Since the 1890s, legal repression made it more difficult to operate brothels, and street-based prostitution became more common.

Levels of prostitution increased during the First World War when there was little employment for women.

There is an ongoing political and social debate about how and whether to decriminalize parts of the trade. Throughout the 1800s, prostitution was organized primarily around brothels.

The houses were grouped together, often sharing their neighbourhood with taverns in the poorer parts of cities.

She is also concerned that her partner will be charged with living on the avails of prostitution." Finally—a point developed in argument before us—the bawdy-house prohibition prevents resort to safe houses, to which prostitutes working on the street can take clients. For these people, the ability to work in brothels or hire security, even if those activities were lawful, may be illusory. The Supreme Court of Canada, in a unanimous decision, recognized the profound harm caused by Canada’s prostitution laws.

In Vancouver, for example, “Grandma’s House” was established to support street workers in the Downtown Eastside, at about the same time as fears were growing that a serial killer was prowling the streets—fears which materialized in the notorious Robert Pickton. Vancouver's Jamie Lee Hamilton created Grandma's House and has been one of the city's most vocal proponents of striking down the prostitution laws. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down three of the country's prostitution laws, ruling that they are inconsistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Lebovitch fears being charged and convicted under the bawdy-house provisions and the consequent possibility of forfeiture of her home," Mc Lachlin stated in the decision. “I am overcome with emotion," Pacey, litigation director for Pivot Legal Society, said in a statment from Ottawa."She says that the fear of criminal charges has caused her to work on the street on occasion. For some prostitutes, particularly those who are destitute, safe houses such as Grandma’s House may be critical. "This a historic day for human rights in Canada and for the sex workers’ rights movement.Unlike the early farm families who settled the West, these migrants were mostly single men, either bachelors or husbands who had temporarily left their wives and children at home.This multitude of single men created an environment in which prostitution flourished. Unless they came to the attention of social or moral reformers, little was done to close them.In a unanimous decision, the country's highest court ruled that laws prohibiting keeping a common bawdy house, living off the avails of prostitution, and communicating in public for the sale of sex violate sex workers' charter guarantee to security of the person under section 7.Writing for the court, Chief Justice Beverly Mc Lachlin concluded that it was not necessary to determine if the communicating in public law also violated sex workers' charter right to freedom of expression."The prohibitions all heighten the risks the applicants face in prostitution—itself a legal activity," Mc Lachlin wrote.Street prostitutes—who the application judge found are largely the most vulnerable class of prostitutes, and who face an alarming amount of violence (para. 361)—were able to bring clients to Grandma’s House. 210, and although the charges were eventually stayed—four years after they were laid—Grandma’s House was shut down (supplementary affidavit of Dr.


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