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(Beah - 72, 111, 121-124) (c) In other cases the family is destitute and unable to care for their children. (d)Brown describes how children were sent to blow up mines to clear the way for tanks and quotes reasons children gave for joining the fight: They wanted to show that they were grow up, they wanted to fight for their country or were willing to be martyred for Islam.

(2) Children are cheap to maintain and are easily manipulated with drugs, punishment or rewards.

Children are the ultimate expendable frontline weapon.

Peacekeeping goals: Through the centuries many societies have articulated through laws, religions and philosophies that all human beings are equal in species and evolution.

If you think that the drug dealer employing child soldiers in Latin America is far removed from influence in your life, think again.

When you travel, you will be searched for the drugs this child helped to produce or distribute; you will pay highly for the police forces in your country who track down illegal drug imports; you may even experience murder in your community where gangs fight over control of drug money. The problems of far-away people impact on our everyday lives.

Child soldier Ishmael Beah of Sierra Leone, described how he was lost at age twelve, joined a group of thirty children age seven to sixteen to plunder villagers for food and finally was picked up by the government army.

Under the influence of drugs which gave him energy, he witnessed children made to kill their own parents, won a contest for slitting the throat of a comrade and participated in other grave atrocities. Shin, who was sixteen years old when North Korea invaded South Korea.

The enlistment of children: (1) Children are easy to enlist because: (a) They don't have an ideology or firm goals, and they can readily be coerced by propaganda and drugs and are easily indoctrinated.

They are apt to quickly transfer loyalty to an adult, especially a superior with the power to reward or punish.


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