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To prevail over this obstacle, tourism connected businesses, agencies, and organizations require working jointly to wrap up and promote tourism opportunities in their regions and line up their efforts to guarantee reliability in product quality. In a fairly saturated tourism market of Europe it was quite a glaring challenge to identify the prospecting and promising features of a destination brand of Bulgaria for cultural and heritage tourism.At the same time, it was imperative for the researcher to differentiate the cultural and heritage tourism in Bulgaria from other countries in Europe, as it was felt that the emphasis on the cultural individuality of Bulgaria would contribute to the effective......

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This essay stresses that the importance of destination branding experiment may be better comprehended by understanding what would occur if it were not undertaken.

Lack of branding will lead to the lack of awareness that such a destination exists.

A brand on the other hand is the image or idea about a specific service/product that consumers......

DD Month YYYY Branding Introduction In the modern marketing, companies have a high level of competition in order to gain new market shares and maintain their existing market shares.

As per the American Marketing Association brand is defined as the design, symbol, sign, term, name or a combination of all of them, which helps the customer to distinguish the goods and services of one seller or a......

Destination branding and tourism marketing As an industry, tourism has a lot of components consisting of the overall "tour experience." Together withtransportation, it contains such things as housing, foodstuff and drink services, shops, amusement, aesthetics and exceptional events.It is uncommon for one business to offer the selection of activities or facilities travelers require or wish for.This includes to the complexity of preserving and scheming the excellence of the experience. Methodology: While searching for effective strategies to boost up the cultural and heritage destination image of a country –in this paper, Bulgaria has been taken as a case study, the researcher had to face with several questions.The main aim of product branding is to establish a differentiated and significance presence in the target market.The marketers use a consistent theme when doing product branding to achieve consumer loyalty and trust in the product.Today hosting events have become an integral part of tourism activities, and they contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of a region.This paper will assess the value of hosting events as a strategy for sustainable destination management.Retrieved from (Destination Branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words) Destination Branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words. Marketing of the Concerned 28 October Branding There is no denying the fact that the theorem “successful brands are built on successful products” is totally true and valid.It is this awareness that prompts him to entertain the idea of a vacation to that destination in the initial consideration.Lack of branding also leads to lack any uniqueness, cultural, emotional or any kind of association with the destination and constitutes a low motivation to be there.


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