Essays About Much Ado About Nothing

But while Don John's allegations are false, many of the characters in Much Ado About Nothing expect Hero to follow their wishes - Hero will be "every man's Hero," by fulfilling her expected duties as loyal daughter and submissive wife.Yet this quiet character is no puppet as she defies the men, exhibits an independent streak, and even has a little fun at her cousin Beatrice's expense.But Claudio cannot woo women like Benedick and so settles on Hero, a girl he was attracted to before war broke out.

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Hero's secret look of defiance mentioned above then foreshadows her behavior during the masquerade.

She is dismissive towards the Prince, telling him he walks "softly and look sweetly and say[s] nothing" and that "I am yours for the walk; and especially when I walk away" (II, i, 86-87).

The prince says he will disguise himself as Claudio and woo Hero with "the force/ And strong encounter of my amorous tale," and as a result "she shall be thine" (I, i, 308-309; 317).

While the men expect Hero to go along with their game, the audience sees a woman who dictates life on her own terms.

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Essays About Much Ado About Nothing

When Don John describes Hero as "Leonato's Hero, your Hero, every man's Hero," (III, ii, 102-103) he suggests that Hero had multiple affairs.Even when Claudio accuses Hero of infidelity, she does not reply with 'I've always loved you my lord' but "I talked with no man at that hour" (IV, i, 85).But while Hero does not love Claudio, she makes sure the marriage happens on her terms.Not once in the play does Hero tell Claudio that she loves him - and why would she, considering this is an arranged marriage.Likewise, when speaking to Ursula in the garden, Hero has a slip of the tongue when she calls Benedick "the only man of Italy" but quickly adds "always excepted my dear Claudio" as if she just remembered who she was marrying (III, i, 91-92).From the start, the audience sees that Hero must intervene to stop Beatrice from getting out of line."My cousin means Signior Benedick of Padua," Hero tells a confused messenger whom Beatrice is harassing (I, i, 34).But Don Pedro knows Claudio wants to accelerate his relationship with her.He tells Claudio: Thus, Don Pedro agrees to take part in Claudio's game.Claudio's pursuit of Hero gives the audience a sense of what expectations are placed upon her.Although Claudio claims to love Hero, he really is just looking for someone to marry in general - and he expects her to fit the part.


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