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Subsequent to the Revolution for freedom, Americans detained a sense of belonging and individuality.

The document "not to forget the ladies", which calculated each, slave as three-fifths an individual, entirely overlooked women.

Amendment: A legal change or addition to a law or body of laws.

W., ed., Voting and the Spirit of American Democracy: Essays on the History of Voting and Voting Rights in America (1992). Adoption: (1) To legally bring in one's family: We adopted a baby. (2b) To approve officially: In 1920, the government adopted the 19th Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment would consequent in a momentous alter within American Society as well as endeavor to terminate the prejudice women were forced to suffer.

In the face of massive evidence of gender-based discrimination and the malfunction of guarantees within the Fourteenth Amendment for Women, fumed for a Federal Equal Rights Amendment in 1972.

The 19th amendment unified suffrage laws across the United States.

Before the 19h amendment, there were many states where women had full suffrage, including New York and most Western states.

Nevertheless, they did not realize the degree of conflict, which would arise.

Men believed that women were inferior oppose to themselves.


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