Essay To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Finch

Essay To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Finch-1
Mockingbirds contribute to society the way real mockingbirds sing and entertain us with beautiful music to our ears.

Atticus taught the mockingbird lesson so well that Scout can understand the difference between mockingbirds and bluejays.Atticus did not think Bob Ewell would go as low as hurting his very own kin but in the end, Mr.Ewell went after the little Finches to get back at Atticus.Atticus has a lot of innocence to him, he is a good man.Although Bob Ewell spat in his face, he thought Bob was all talk.They do not take the word of a white man over a black man, but they think for themselves. It is flexible because just like Scout has to go to school, the Finches have to live in Maycomb which is divided by race and class.The Finches don’t judge that way, even though everyone else does.Another example of his empathy teachings is the understanding and respect he has towards Mrs. I destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial, if he had any to begin with.Dubose even though she says cruel things about him. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kind always does.In their time of need Boo Radley was always there for his children, Scout and Jem.Finally, the last mockingbird Scout has discovered in the story is Tom Robinson.


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