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Oh I don't mean just go meandering about without any sort of indication of your real position/argument, I mean use the conclusion to just sum it up/express it shortly.What you describe is basically how I tended to write essays; I think my post just oversimplified the process a bit.I've just started Year 12 and A levels are already seeming impossible to do.

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Try to remember that you don't need to narrate the events as they happened.

I know it sounds so KS3, but literally Point Evidence Explanation actually works if you think of it like: answering the question; giving evidence to back up the view; linking different factors together (e.g.

So History not only tests your memory but it tests your skill more.

This is why I dropped History at A2..our exams I had the highest marks in the class; full UMS in one and 1 UMS into a B (that is, 70%, rather than 1 mark past the boundary) in the other.

To be honest most of my class got A's and B's in my sixth form, but I personally hate it so much.

So much work, and what I hate about it most is that I dont even want to call it History, because its more about exam technique at A-level you cant just enjoy learning the topic because if you cannot apply it then its a fail.Present each side with the knowledge that you find one or both of them limited.For example, if we were talking about whether Magna Carta was the result of long-term or short-term causes, you might start by arguing that it is certainly true that, with regard to its immediate causation, it was the result of a baronial revolt/King John being horrible.Did one go badly because I was less skilled, at the fundamental level, at source analysis, the content of the paper I did worse in?Nope, because I didn't - none of us did - know the proper exam technique for that paper (we had two teachers; one great, one not so great..).There's no witchcraft to it, but neither is there a perfect structure which you have to use every time. I disagree that you should have a 'verdict' at the end.It would make the preceding parts of your essay directionless or superfluous.' And to score the top marks, I need to present both sides of the argument. That and my procrastination x D My essay is titled: 'How far can Russia be defined as a backwards state in 1855?' And to score the top marks, I need to present both sides of the argument. x D I'll admit that I don't actually know anything about 19th Century Russia, but I use this generic structure for basically every History essay I do (except sources ones) and it normally gets me around 26-27/30.And I spent so long memorising all those specific dates and facts only for it not to be rewarded.I know I didn't do badly, but it was way out of line with my mocks.


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