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Note: students in the combined BMSc/HBA program should choose their courses according to the Academic Calendar - all courses from Groups 1, 2 and 3 must be completed in Year 4 of the 5-year combined program.

Skip down to "Make sure you check two things ..." and review Combined BMSc/HBA, too.

If the spaces reserved for IMS students in a particular course fill up, more IMS students cannot register for the course even though the entire course may not be full (error message = "available spaces are reserved ...").

If this happens, you have to wait until the Advanced Priority for IMS students opens or Priorities Lift to try again: Essay requirement: You must complete 2.0 essay courses as a graduation requirement.

NO Group 2 courses are actually required - you can complete 3.0 courses from Group 1 for the Honors Specialization in IMS.

Do not set yourself up to have the prerequisites for only four half courses from the various basic medical sciences at the 4000-level for Year 4, only to discover that one of them is not offered next year or you do not have a chance of getting into some of these half courses (due to constraints and reserved spaces in 4000-level courses).

An average of 75% may be required if more students apply than there are spaces available: Before you graduate with an Honors Specialization in IMS, you must take another 0.5 course in Chemistry numbered 2100-3999 or a half course from Group 1 or 2.

When you take this half course, and which half course to choose, is up to you.

The signature (capstone) and mandatory courses of this module are Medical Sciences 4900F/G (lab) and Medical Sciences 4930F/G (associated lecture).

As students in this module have taken a variety of 3000-level basic medical science courses, the lecture course has been set up to provide you with background material that complements the lab.


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