Essay On Violent Video S Affecting

Because children are still developing in their teenage years, seeing certain things such as inappropriate music, movies, television shows, etc. Nielsen Co., approximately 99% of Americans own at least one television in their household.

can affect their psychological development and views in the world. This shows just how accessible tv is and how common it is for people to be watching it.

Before he had committed this tragic crime, he said “I’ve been waiting to do this for years”.

Meanwhile, his companions were supporting him and even giving him ideas on when and where to do it.

Raters who did not know which type of movie the children had seen then observed them playing together in a room.

Essay On Violent Video S Affecting

Children who had just watched the violent movie were rated much higher on physical assault and other types of aggression.

Both the parents and the child are unaware of how violence is impacting and influencing their lives as shown in this cartoon.

On October 1, 2015 at Umpqua Community College located in Oregon, there was a mass shooting killing nine and wounding many others.

By doing this, it won’t place anyone in a specific and unhealthy mindset.

Also, by increasing media that will have a positive effect on our lives and actually teach us something helpful both short and long-term will not only educate us, but place us in the right mindset that’ll benefit everyone in the world.


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