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To me in order to keep something you have to use it.

So I have never really seen the point of sentimental things.

Working has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and new people.

It has also taught me so many things I never learned from school.

A secretary cannot simply complain of not having the freedom or authority to do otherwise since that is how things are done and should be done in the office.

also complained that the employers receive a lot more than the employees do.

It is a system which must be complied with as the system is presumed to be the best way to get things done within the company.

For example, secretaries need to have a filing system for the records in the office.

He says that they do not even have the power to make fundamental decisions. They do exactly the same thing over and over without any more freedom than a prisoner.

It must, however, be stressed that it is not the fault of his employer if he was not paid well and did not receive the right benefits as an employee.


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