Essay On Superstitions And Science

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The science of today has been developed through centuries of observations, research and experiments for making advancements in the respective fields.

After having understood the evolution of science, we must now move to its advantages.

Early humans had no explanation for celestial occurrences like lunar and solar eclipse, giving birth to irrelevant mythological explanations.

But some civilizations started recording the occurrences and through constant observation they eventually realized that these were timed and periodic incidents.

The Babylonian priests were the firsts to introduce Babylonian science during 1800 BCE.

Babylonians made commendable advancements in the field of celestial science and they professed that terrestrial events are only possible by movement of heavenly bodies.

It refers to the knowledge of anything living or non living.

Science is applied when simple tools like screws, levers and pulleys are combined to form complex equipments like wheel barrow, wind mills and clocks.

Begin by explaining both subjects and give a detailed description of their history and approach.

Give a few examples where both science and paranormal competed for head to head and how people cease to find logic when they are emotionally distressed.


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