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Attention has been focused on schools with an aim to explain the various policies that schools management has implemented to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Consumption of junk food has been proven to have direct connections with obesity due to excess levels of fat and sugar than the recommended levels.

Additionally, fast food contains a lower quantity of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium as well as zinc among others.

Obesity and overweight are more familiar to college students, and this can is attributed to their irregular and infrequent meals that lack essential minerals and vitamins.

Lack of knowledge concerning balance diet, addictive habits of eating outside the school as well as not taking part in regular exercise or sports are considered as the primary cause of overweight or obese.

Majority of students tend to have a lower consumption level of fruits and vegetables on daily diets.

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Obesity can be associated with family genes, and this is due to the fact that some individual has a higher genetic tendency to gain weight much easier compared with others as they burn calories at a much slower rate.The nutrition value of these food remains a question making them be regarded as a major source of junk food for students in schools.Evidence shows that these foods contain higher contents of fat compared to the foods offered as part of the school meal programs.The level of obesity among children living within the U.S is also alarming as well with an estimated 18% of children and teenagers between the ages of 2 to 19 years are characterized as obese (Currie, 2009).Despite the type of meal the student decides to take the content of the feed is the same.Most of the ingredients used for this fast foods a lot of energy, saturated fat, carbohydrates as well as higher sugar contents than any healthy diet of the same weight (Pereira, et al, 2005).Studies conducted by renowned scholar indicate that healthier diets that contain the essential vitamins and minerals are more effective in the management of the body weight.Researchers from the University of Washington, through a survey among the student's expenditure of food, found that around 2,000 calories of fast foods are ten times less expensive compared to the same quantity of a healthy diet (Parker-Pope, 2017).However, there are reasons that ink fast food to obesity among students.The reasons include: There are various types of fast food available at restaurants near campus as well as the vending machines found in high schools, and these foods range from burgers, pizza to tacos.


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