Essay On Health Is Wealth In Kannada

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Even money can buy a man’s mind and a man himself, literally.But if there is one thing that money can not buy, it is certainly healthy. Once you have a critical health problem, you could never return to the life you once had before.

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You are blessed to have a good health and decent wealth, but imagine one day you own everything, and health ain’t one.

Should you remember all these would impact your loved ones too.

These would limit you from donning your life smoothly.

However, apart from these two being really important, health is never a comparable thing.

Whether it is a mental health or physical health that we are talking about, both are inseparable as flipped sided coin.

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Thus, health is per se important than wealth because Money is very powerful.Even though this is something that only happens to certain people, you should take this mindful as it appears people could get really greedy for wealth.And it is tiring too, worrying and protecting your wealth each time because people keep on aiming your wealth.Following are the topics on which our followers have written (and writing essays) every Sunday to hone their essay writing skills.The topics are chosen based on UPSC previous year topics.In conclusion, health matters more and brings something that wealth would not able to, it is relaxation and happiness.Trust us, health would never be tiring and fatigued you like wealth does.Health, without further argument, is what most people need in order to find a decent life pace.A baby, a toddler, a teenager and a student, an adult and a worker, older people and a veteran, literally everyone needs health to ensure the requirements that their age demand is fulfilled.Writing one essay on each Sunday will help you get better marks in this paper.Health is what a person needed the most in the world to strive for great wealth and future. And wealth is what a person needed the most to provide comfort and stable productivity. We have to agree that these two are essentials on maintaining a great life-living balance.


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