Essay On Functions Of Management

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Employee motivation in the form of bonus, gifts promotion etc plays a big role in an employee’s job performance as well as good communication both vertically and horizontally within an organization. Lastly, controlling is a management function which is centered on ensuring that the organization conforms to the set objectives.

It involves setting a performance standard, measuring and comparing the current performance with the set standard and reporting and acting on the performance that does not conform to the set standards.

This way the companies' goals are definite to be achieved.

Motivating the workers by having a pay rise or aspect of being exemplary performance can make person be more determined to work.

This is where persons apply their knowledge individually to create room for a proper working environment or direction.

This has to be done by person with great convincing tips which generally means that they can pull more people to them and do what they say but on realistic and resourceful evidence.Management can be defined as getting work done using other people in groups which are formally organized and also use of minimum effort by management to get maximum results and in the long run ensuring maximum satisfaction to the employees, employer and service to the customers.Generally management can be viewed as a process which involves controlling, planning, directing and organizing the human resource in using the available resources in the right manner.Management can be of types: technical: which involve the use of tools, skill and brain work to do a specific thing.Human, this is the interrelation between the employees for the company's growth.It involves determining what an organization does, by whom, at what time and finding appropriate means of evaluating the results.The skills of problem solving and that of decision making are the key factors which play an important role in undertaking this function .Company can be defined as a legal institution that is fashioned to conduct and handle business of various stipulated nature which is normally defined in it's articles of association and memorandum of understanding.For a company to be successful it must have proper management skills and administration for the proper functioning and continuance of operations.Management can be defined as various aspects involving planning, organizing, controlling and leading involving employers and employees of various institutions.Management could also refer to a group of executives for example directors and managers who assemble for the running of continuance of a business entity.


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