Essay On Frederick Douglass Life

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Essay On Frederick Douglass Life Bluest Eye Essay Pecola

His eloquence with words and prolific publications also make him accessible to modern Americans.Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has quoted Douglass in his rulings on several education cases.Modern Americans are constantly reminded about the importance of Douglass's life and accomplishments.As he gained more knowledge of the world at large, he could no longer passively submit to a life of slavery.In September 1838, he borrowed the identification papers of a free black sailor and boarded a train for the North.The social distance Douglass traveled during his lifetime continues to inspire modern Americans to take a lesson from his life.If he could achieve so much after his most humble of beginnings, perhaps our own dreams and goals are within reach.Many sites in the United States pay homage to the civil rights activist through adopting his name.At least twenty-four schools and academies are named for Douglass, and parks and buildings from New York to Louisiana bear his name. The famous "history painter" Jacob Lawrence painted a series of thirty-two canvases dedicated to the life and memory of Douglass.Perhaps Harriet Bailey gave her son such a distinguished name in the hope that his life would be better than hers.She could scarcely imagine that her son's life would continue to be a source of interest and inspiration nearly 190 years after his birth.


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