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Her post is about her childhood memories of both grandmothers. A tribute to her grandmothers and to the lives that they lead.The post is both sad and sweet as your recounts her fond memories of childhood and those not so fond.

Then we'd creep back into her room and dare her to smile at us again...without those teeth. Grandma was the first person, that I knew, with cable TV.

As a young teen, the ESPN channel was important to me.

Feel free to share a story or memory of your grandmother..your grandfather as well. The one thing that I lack, are that many pictures of my grandma.

It's probably because she avoided the camera like the plague. I'll have to get onto her (again) about getting me some copies. Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Our parents and grandparents played a pivotal role in the creation of those memories.

I came across this blog entry the other day that I think is very good and made me start thinking about my grandmothers. This is how a blogger that goes by "hh" begins a recent post.

Everything that came from that kitchen was magically tasty and always delicious, because my Grandma used a secret recipe for everything. I remember her soft, warm hands, her smiling with rays of wrinkles in the corner of her eyes, her quiet gentle laughter and love.

Childhood memories are some of our most precious memories we will ever have.

She had had a stroke and she became paralyzed on one side of her body." "Over and over she tried (to get out of bed), and still the outcome was no different.

She yelled for my parents and I vaguely remember them rushing into the room. I couldn't understand what had happened, but as I watched from a safe distance, I knew something had changed". Velva Ledbetter (Maiden name Trammell) was born in 1919 and died in 1984.


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