Essay On Dadaism

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Write a ‘job posting’ or help wanted’ advertisement from the point of view of the Dadaists calling for other people to join them, either in general or in one of the three cities.

Dada was anti-aesthetic, anti-rational and anti-idealistic. Key figures such as Marcel Duchamp disturbed the art world with his ready-mades such as (which is simply a urinal).

Dada’s challenge to conventional notions of ‘high art’ radically impacted later developments in conceptual art, performance art and post-modernism among others.

They condemned the nationalist and capitalist values that led to the cataclysm of the war and employed unorthodox techniques, performances and provocations to jolt the rest of society into self-awareness.

The absurdity of Dada activities created a mirror of the absurdity in the world around them.


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