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What is our informal consensual understanding of the reality of crime? There are numerous theories on crime and deviance, some more valid than the rest. Therefore, what is deviance from one perspective is conformity from another. However, this image of crime is too narrow, because there are other categories of crime. Crime can also be categorized according to who commits the crime. Many different theories have been made to explain deviance. My interpretation of the anomie theory is that when a state of anomie occurs people lose their sense of purpose or direction in life and turn to lives of crime or suicide.

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Kay Erikson (1966) extended upon this theory and argued that the deviance present in such incidences serve the important purpose of affirming and reinforcing the cultural identity of social groups.Outline labelling theory and consider its usefulness in understanding youth crime and anti-social behaviour in Britain today.Labelling theory claims that deviance and conformity results not so much from what people do but from how others respond to those actions, it highlights social responses to crime and deviance Macionis and Plummer, (2005).I aim to look at crime and deviance from a Marxist perspective & a Right Realist perspective. Throughout my assignment I aim to cover just how extensive crime & deviance is in contemporary Britain, also to consider who are the offenders and more so, why do people commit crimes?I will also be exploring how crime is measured alongside my own opinions on the subject.We have already discussed this topic during class in part two, chapter four of the textbook which explains deviance and crime. Social Deviance Deviance and Organizations Corporate deviance is a wide variety of mostly "white collar crimes" such as embezzlement, fraud, computer fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and stock market fraud. White color crimes tend to be treated with a less severe punishment by our government. Most of the time it is the upper class more educated people who commit these types of crimes and therefore can afford the expensive lawyers to defend them. The organizational deviance I found to be very interesting was the Martha Stewart case. If crime and deviance were eliminated within a society, society would just be more driven to create it, to break out of the everyday norm. We have already discussed this topic during class in part two, chapter four of the textbook which explains deviance and crime. The high relation between the present of unemployment and the crime activities.This section talks more about deviance being a learned behavior. In the South higher numbers of people commit hate crimes still today. This aspect of deviance is called the Labeling Theory. Anthropologists say that crime is rooted at heredity. Although crime seems to be ubiquitous, we often know very little about how our perceptions of crime are created, maintained, or modified. This section talks more about deviance being a learned behavior. In the South higher numbers of people commit hate crimes still today. This aspect of deviance is called the Labeling Theory. Anthropologists say that crime is rooted at heredity. / Deviance Sociology- is the study of human society, including both social action and social organization. Even though in our nation we have a lot of crime, dieases, hatered, and other violent things it shows how strong our nation is by showing how strongwilled we are when things happen like September 11th. The cultural deviant definition can be categories into primary deviance and secondary deviance. We do know that there is no single objective definition of crime. Sociology deals with norms, deviance, crime and other things that happen in our society which brings me to my next subject. Our views about crime and criminals are determined by our social milieu - this is the social reality of crime. As previously discussed, Durkheim relates society being held together to two types of solidarity.He argues that in mechanical solidarity we react to crime by punishing the perpetrator to allow those who are obeying the social norms to feel rewrded.


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