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The mouse monitors how far the ball turns and in what direction and sends this information to the computer to move the pointer.

Computers are nowadays very widely used in business, industry, science, education, medicine, travel and other fields of human activity.

In industry, it is used to control different manufacturing (production) operations and machine tools.

In hospitals, it is used to arrange and control laboratory and hospital instruments and medicines.

In Latin, “to compute” means “to find the total of” or “to calculate.” A computer gives answers to our problems by taking the information or data (facts) with which it works.

It thus solves problems according to our instructions.

The Keyboard The keyboard is the most widely used input device and is used to enter data or commands to the computer.

It has a set of alphabet keys, a set of digit keys, and various function keys and is divided into four main areas: Function keys across the top Letter keys in the main section A numeric keypad on the right Cursor movement and editing keys between the main section and the numeric keypad.

It enables you to control the movement and position of the on-screen cursor by moving it around on the desk.

Buttons on the mouse let you select options from menus and drag objects around the screen. You might have heard the expressions 'double click', 'click and drag' and 'drag and drop'.


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