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More often, though, the emphasis is on his condemnation of lusting after men instead of women (–81; 5–66; ; ).

More often, though, the emphasis is on his condemnation of lusting after men instead of women (–81; 5–66; ; ).In the Qur'an, Lut says: In the Hadith (thousands of stories reporting the words and deeds of Muhammad and his companions that are comparable in authority to the Qurʾan itself), there is some support for the notion that the principal offences of Sodom were idolatry and avarice.

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The Conversation UK receives funding from these organisations View the full list Neither the Bible nor the Qur’an (Koran) has a lot to say about homosexuality, and what they do say relates only indirectly to contemporary discussions about gay rights and same-sex marriage.

More liberal interpreters point to broader ethical considerations such as compassion and empathy.

They argue that the condemnations of scripture do not apply to committed relationships founded on love.

He seems to have reflected contemporary views that men should be sexually assertive and women passive, and that sexual activity must be at least potentially procreative.

For Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, the story of Sodom is central to the traditional condemnation of male homosexuality.Prescribed penalties for homosexual acts varied according to different schools and individual scholars.In any case, it was difficult to attain the required level of eye-witness testimony.Scriptures and later writers usually referred only to particular sexual acts and did not raise the issue of personal sexual orientation.For religious conservatives, though, both Muslim and Christian, the occasional derogatory reference to same-sex acts is enough to prove their inherent sinfulness in all circumstances.Yet, despite this broader context, the story was often interpreted primarily as a condemnation of homosexual activity in any form.In the Qur’an, the somewhat ineffectual Lot of Genesis becomes the Prophet Lut.Traditional Islamic jurisprudence assumed strict gender roles.The 17th-century Muslim scholar Haskafi explicitly included “a male” in his list of those whom a man could not legally marry.Actually, he had already determined to punish all these towns and their inhabitants, male and female, young and old, before the angels’ visit and the attempted homosexual rape (Genesis –33).When the wickedness of Sodom is recalled in other parts of the Bible, homosexuality is not mentioned.


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