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Our bodies can synthesize some of the amino acids; however eight of them, the essential amino acids, must be taken in as part of our food.Food scientists are also concerned with the inorganic components of food such as its water content, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

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Water quality chemists test rivers, lakes and ocean water for characteristics such as dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, suspended sediments, and p H.

Water destined for human consumption must be free of harmful contaminants and may be treated with additives like fluoride and chlorine to increase its safety.

Inorganic chemistry studies materials such as metals and gases that do not have carbon as part of their makeup.

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur within living organisms.

Water quality is an important area of environmental chemistry.

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“Pure” water does not exist in nature; it always has some minerals or other substance dissolved in it.

Food chemists improve the quality, safety, storage and taste of our food.

Food chemists may work for private industry to develop new products or improve processing.

Flavorists work with chemicals to change the taste of food.

Chemists may also work on other ways to improve sensory appeal, such as enhancing color, odor or texture.


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