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When I am invited to speak to students, here’s what I say: We adults have perpetrated a cruel hoax.We have convinced you that learning is an intolerably boring process that you must endure, when the reality is that learning is the most fun you can have…period.

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These same countries are also aiming for the best jobs that require the highest levels of education.

They will not be satisfied with low-skilled jobs that do not pay well and offer little opportunity.

As we develop new and more effective tools and techniques to harness this power, it means that automation will become dramatically more powerful in the next decade.

In the past, automation has led to a steadily rising standard of living as well as new, better paying jobs that offer more opportunity. Automation, however, is changing standards so quickly that the skills we develop at the beginning of our careers may not be enough to allow us to make a living for more than a few years, and eventually a few months, before they become obsolete.

But there is another threat that is, perhaps, more worrisome than rising competition from smart kids abroad, and that is automation.

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Many are familiar with Moore’s Law, coined and repeatedly reframed by Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel.

We must stop teaching the curriculum and start teaching the individual – each individual, every single individual, and teach them as individuals who have unique interests and abilities.

We need to stop teaching given the assumption that 25 kids are all the same because that makes education simple for us while excruciatingly boring to them.

When I and my peers left formal education, we had our choice of jobs.

Now students finish university and spend years looking for anything more than menial labour; the next ten years are going to make this seem like a happy outcome.


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