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Dogberry tells him to ignore the man, and good riddance of a knave, because they can only stop loyal subjects of the Prince.

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They agree to go peacefully and are taken to be judicially interrogated.Hero tells her servant Margaret to fetch Beatrice and tells her that she overheard Hero and Ursula gossiping about Beatrice in the orchard.Hero then orders Ursula to talk about Benedick as if he were madly in love with Beatrice.Borachio tells Conrad that he earned a thousand ducats from Don John that night because he wooed Margaret in Hero's room and called her Hero.Meanwhile, Don John had brought Don Pedro and Claudio to orchard where they watched this whole scene and became convinced that Hero was committing infidelity.Dogberry and Verges, both fools in charge of the watchmen, get one of their men and make him the constable of the watch for the night.He agrees, but asks what he should do if he orders a man to stop and the man refuses.Claudio tells us, "If I see anything tonight why I should not marry her, tomorrow in the congregation where I should wed, there will I shame her" (3.2.103-107). This is not merely a plot against Beatrice, but also against female virginity.This fear is so strong that Benedick declared himself a bachelor as a result, he is terrified of wearing bull's horns, a sign of the cuckold. In fact, gardens can be seen as representing the female sexuality, and they are dangerous places because they are where virginity is compromised.After they leave, Beatrice steps forward and comments that rather then be condemned for her pride and scorn she will requite Benedick's love and marry him.Claudio, Don Pedro and Leonato find Benedick to be acting sadder than usual, and make fun of him as if he is in love.


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