Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Families

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I agree there are pros and cons of joint family but I would say we have more advantages than disadvantages.

I have list down some of my experiences living in a joint family in India.

First of all, You never get bored when you live in a joint family. In today’s world people look for social network because people don’t have anyone to talk , spend time and express their feelings. You learn to sacrifice as you will see instances where other members of the family will give up their things for you. You learn how to behave with the elders and younger ones. As the family is big you have to do certain things according to time table.

You naturally become more disciplined as you have to follow some daily routine.

In Joint family ,bond you form with your family members and relatives are much stronger.

Emotional Intelligence — We are emotional creatures .You learn the team work — I have apple orchards at my home town in shimla.I remember we all family members together use to do all apple related work by ourselves. No matter how tough or complicated is the work , if you work as a team you can easily complete that work.You must have observed when you visit your friends or relative’s home , kids get busy in playing outdoor games rather than playing video games or surfing internet.Kids who live in a joint family turn out to be more social, mature and caring.You don’t live in virtual world — In today’s world most of us live in virtual world .People use facebook ,whataspp , twitter and other social media applications to get connected to people.I think we learn to manage our emotions also when we live in a joint family.This is because we experience both positive and negative behavior of the people around us frequently.There are different kinds of families all over the world however,a particular family system which is most prevalent in India deserves distinct consideration.This system is called joint family or the extended family.


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