Essay On A Funny Incident That Happened In The Class

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My friends and I were joking about how boring the topic was.

I reached over the lab table to get my book and accidentally let out an audible toot. ""One day I had to present something in class on the projector using my laptop.

"My class was going on a school trip, and while we were on the bus, my crush sat in the same row as me. I thought it was probably because he liked me, so I texted him, 'So do you like what you see?

' He immediately responded, 'Um, no, I'm staring at your pit stains.' I was beyond mortified! My costume was totally cute, but I have a really small bust, so I had to stuff the top with cotton balls so it would fit.

When he came outside one afternoon, I was working on my hurdle-jumping, so I decided to go for the highest hurdle we have.

I jumped over the first one, but when I went for the second, my foot got caught! Besides my crush seeing me totally bite it, I had to take senior yearbook pictures the next day with bandages and a swollen face. ""I was sitting across from my crush in the middle of class, and I had a really bad cold.

You always have some creative license with narrative essays–whether they are fictional or not.

Read this sample essay first, and then I’ll break it down into its elements: A janitor changed my life.

Then he looked behind me, and said, 'You know your hood is caught in the locker, right?

' And all I could do was laugh nervously and try to get myself free."In science, we were studying the gasses on the periodic table.


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