Essay For The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan

Essay For The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan-59
Her mother, Suyuan, has died unexpectedly, and now her mother’s longtime friends in the Joy Luck Club have invited June to take her mother’s place at the mahjong table, where stories spanning seven decades are recalled above the din of swirling tiles.

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This may sound strange, but the book’s unexpected success scared me.

Instead of being jubilant, I was upset that my former life had been usurped by success that was out of control.

In the next two sections, the daughters recall moments of uncertainty, anger, or fear in childhood.

They are also stories of resistance and rebellion and the rejection of what they see as false beliefs their mothers have tried to instill.

INTRODUCTION Through the stories of The Joy Luck Club, we peer into the secret-laden lives of eight Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born daughters.

The daughters reject their mothers’ seemingly constant criticism of everything they choose, from husbands to hairdos.

They must now choose for the future yet do not know what to do.

In the final section, the mothers’ and daughters’ stories intertwine and reveal how hope and love can transform sadness, anger, despair, and fears from the past.

The Joy Luck Club is about the power of storytelling between generations: to know your family’s past is to know yourself, and with that knowledge, you are free to shape your own destiny.

Through storytelling, the fragile bonds between mother and daughter are pulled and tightened, as each feels what the other means by hope.


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