Essay First Day In My School

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Children of rich parents generally get admission in good institutions. Most of the ‘C’ and ‘D’ grade students have to take admission in private colleges that charge very high fees. The colleges reopened on Ist August after the summer vacations. As it was the first day, most of the girls were in mufti that is wore colourful and attractive clothes. A senior student posed as a lecturer and sat infront of me. Then only I realized that she was impersonating as a Lecturer.

Luckily Ingot admission in Saint Joseph College for women. When the college principal entered the hall, all of us stood up.

As I came out of the hall, I felt greatly elated to be a college student. After the third period, there was recess for half an hour.

Now, we opened winged, mixed up and made new friends. I went to the canteen with my new friends, Hira and Zeba and shared snacks.

It is a beautiful period and picture of learning, enjoyment, freedom and friendship. My emotions were like: I still remember the day when after the announcement of our Matriculation result, I was planning to get admission to a college. It was the best College of not only our city but also the province and the Country. When entered the college gate on my first day at college. I could not believe that it was my first day at college. The college had a wonderful building, lovely playgrounds and devoted Professors.

Essay First Day In My School

Many excited and heated discussions took place on the choice of subjects and college. I could not believe that the hard school life was over. I will always be thankful to Allah Almighty that I got admission to a grand college like Govt. The grand traditions, good mannerism, and liberal atmosphere made a great difference to my life. Our Professor of English who is a poet read a beautiful poem. He gave very useful guidance for the successful practical life. I will never forget the experience my first meeting with new friends and teachers of the college. I remembered all the happenings and reached home with a smile. In the end, I can say that college life is a beautiful blend of joys and memories.

I was greatly impressed by the college discipline and our new teachers.

As usual, when the cat is out, the rats are free; we talked and cracked jokes after the lecturers had left the room.

On the first day when I entered the college gate, I was very nervous. The stories of the first year fool rang into my ears.

I was stepping hesitantly towards the main building of the college when a boy older than I offered me help.


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