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Our leisure hours are filled with preprogrammed shows.People are trained to become alienated from and bored with past acts of consumption, pushing them to consume more.It’s no surprise that these early-century movements were the inspirations for two key anti-consumerist movements closer to our own day, Situationism and culture jamming.

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The Situationists heavily influenced both the British punk rock of the 1970s and the culture jamming movement that arose in North America in the 1990s.

The Situationists believed that consumer society has created a society of the spectacle where everything has become a commodity, a fetish (as Marx said all things become under capitalism).

He’s capable and free, unlike “Ikea boy” Jack (Palahniuk 174).

As part of his attempt to detach Jack from his precious collections of name-brand commodities, Tyler blows Jack’s condo up, which leads to their “meeting” and the formation of fight club.

This reading is a flawed, one-sided view that reads the film through the heavily tinted sunglasses of postmodern identity politics.

When applied to the book alone, it’s at best a severe distortion of the narrative. If one reads the book after watching the film, it becomes clear that although sexual politics play a role in each, Giroux’s “crisis of masculinity” is by no means the dominant theme explored in Palahniuk’s Fight Club.

By mid-novel Jack’s dual identity is a mystery only to him.

Tyler is the man that Jack wish he could be, though he seems to change his mind at the end when Tyler cooks up Project Mayhem and the mass destruction begins.

He meets single-serving friends on his flights around America over single-servings of airline food.

He relates to others (insofar as he relates at all) through the things he owns.


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